A Tool to Measure Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

…..Many women who are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer are not aware of their risk.  If you are at an increased risk, a pharmacologic preventive therapy (chemoprevention) is a consideration you should discuss with your health care provider.  It has been reported that the agents used can reduce the risk by 50%….

Osteoporosis – Are You at Risk and How Do You Treat It?

…..Many menopausal women suffer from osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis is the thinning of bones which causes them to become weak, brittle, and more susceptible to fractures.  Women have an increased risk of osteoporosis throughout their lifetime.  Risk factors include: Low body weight Smoking history Fair skin Menopausal state …..There are various methods of prevention and treatment for osteoporosis. …