Why Testing for Thrombophilia Before Using Birth Control Is Important

Raquel Goldstein, RPA-C, MS, is a physician assistant at Dr. Polcino’s office. Today she speaks about thrombophilia’s effect on a woman using birth control. Since about 10% of women will carry thrombophilia, it is important to be informed about this genetic trait and what is recommended if it is identified. My vimeo channel: vimeo.com/channels/drpolcino Web: dr-polcino.com Facebook: facebook.com/DrPolcino Twitter: twitter.com/DrPolcino

Some Risks When You Use Oral Contraceptives

…..It has been a common thought that when using a medication for a particular problem, always try to use the lowest dose possible so potential side effects would be decreased. In terms of oral contraceptives, the dosage of these medications has been gradually reduced over the years in order to decrease the risks of abnormal…