Ginger Turmeric Carrot Soup

This gut-healthy ginger, turmeric carrot soup is anti-inflammatory and perfect for a chilly night. It is jam-packed with gut health nutrients, has a velvety smooth texture, and tastes delicious! Do yourself a favor and make it!

One Dish Veggie Skillet

When you’re not sure what to serve for dinner, Italian flavors are a good starting point. We combine stewed tomatoes, rice, cannellini, and garbanzo beans for this hearty healthy dish. It’s ready in under 30 minutes and all in one dish, so clean up is a breeze!

Black Bean Mushroom Veggie Burger

A burger so hearty and delicious you won’t miss the meat. The black beans and mushrooms are the perfect combination. This burger can be decked out with so many seasons and toppings, you’ll serve it over and over again.