Should Pregnant Women Get the Flu Shot?

.Syringe….It is time to bring up the flu vaccine again!  October is the start of the flu season, and it can run all the way into the spring.  The flu vaccines are available now, and remember, it takes about two weeks to produce the protective antibodies after receiving the vaccine.

…..Pregnant women who get the flu have an increased risk to develop serious complications from the infection, resulting in hospitalizations.  Also, with the new moms’ vaccinations, protection is also increased for their infants who are susceptible to influenza-related respiratory illnesses.  Let us review a couple of points:

  • In the past there was concern about trace amounts of a preservative called thimerosal, which was in some flu vaccines.  There are thimerosal-free vaccines now, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have concluded that the thimerosal used in the vaccine is safe.
  • Patients with egg allergies need to discuss this with their medical practitioner before receiving the vaccine.

…..Over the past few years, more pregnant women have received the flu vaccine, with the percentage reaching about 50%.  Let us try to raise that number this year and get better protection all around!

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-Dr. P

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