An Important Action to Take to Prepare for Future Medical Conditions

…..Every day there is another story on the daily news about a genetic breakthrough concerning a medical condition.  Be it about an increased risk for developing a cancer or an inherited condition affected by a specific lifestyle, genetic technologies are advancing rapidly.  This will lead to a more personalized medical care based on an individual’s personal risk.Family Portrait

…..Before stepping into this new world of high-tech genetics, we must not forget about the low-tech importance of obtaining our family’s medical history.  Most of us feel that our family history is important but some studies have shown that only about 30% of us will actively collect information about family health conditions.  It is important to be armed with this information so when you visit your health professional, the best care can be obtained.

…..Therefore, at your next family party when you are having coffee with your great Aunt Mary, get her to tell some good family stories, and begin the collection process for your family’s medical history.

-Dr. P

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