Are You Concerned About the Morning Sickness Associated with Pregnancy?

Waking Up Morning Sickness M.O.…..Morning sickness is a common problem affecting many women during early pregnancy.  To try to help with the symptoms, most medical professionals will advise eating several small meals during the day, eating low fat, bland foods, and trying to avoid smells that seem to increase the nausea.  Over my many years in practice, I often also advised popcorn, the insides of Italian bread, and ginger pops.

…..If this conservative management does not help, there is a recent FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved treatment that may be of help.  Diclegis is the first medicine approved for this problem in over 25 years.  This combination of two substances was marketed many years ago as Bendectin, and it was removed from the market after a safety scare that was proved to be a false alarm.  However, the manufacturer stopped producing it because defending it in court was too costly.

…..Diclegis is a combination of two active ingredients, doxylamine and vitamin B6, and the FDA has granted  Diclegis a Pregnancy Category A status, meaning that controlled studies have not shown an increased risk to an unborn baby during pregnancy.  For the past few years, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has recommended this combination as a first-line treatment for morning sickness.

…..There is a set protocol on how to start and use Diclegis.  Drowsiness and sleepiness are the most common adverse effects reported by users.  These symptoms can be severe, so great caution is necessary.  As with all medications, you must have a thorough discussion with your health care provider before entertaining the use of this or any medication.

-Dr. P

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