Is Egg Freezing for You?

…..There is a recent report from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine which states that oocyte cryopreservation is now an officially sanctioned option for young women with special fertility needs.  Sperm and embryo freezing have been available and used successfully by infertility specialists for many years, but the techniques for egg freezing/warming is now a viable option in special conditions.  The latest studies reveal an equal IVF (in vitro fertilization) successful pregnancy rate with the use of fresh eggs or frozen eggs.

…..Egg freezing can be considered to help women with the following conditions, which may endanger their fertility:

  • A young woman about to undergo chemotherapy for a cancer; the medications can be toxic to her eggs
  • A young woman with any condition that points towards early ovarian failure
  • An IVF cycle where eggs are available but sufficient sperm is not available
  • Some couples involved with IVF treatment do not want to freeze extra embryos

…..There is a new controversy arising from this available technique.  As we are all aware, childbearing in our society is being delayed to later in a woman’s life for many individual reasons.  Should egg freezing be considered to help ensure fertility success for some time later in a woman’s life?

-Dr. P

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