Add Vitamin D to Your New Year’s Resolutions

…..The new year comes with all the resolutions we promise to keep.  Weight loss is
always the one we want to accomplish.  I wish to remind you again to continue your vitamin D supplements if you were found to be needing them.  Every day I read about theNew Year importance of this vitamin and appreciate its newer roles we have discovered.  Remember that it has an important place with our immune system, cancers, diabetes, and heart health; so speak to your family doctor or me at your next visit.

-Dr. P

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  1. ksmahoney says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I am currently conducting research about the role of vitamin D and the progression of diabetes and I am glad to see physicians supporting the need for this crucial vitamin.
    Sara from

  2. drpolcino says:

    Thank you for commenting about Vitamin D. I am so glad that it is being recognized.

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