What’s Emergency Contraception All About?

…..Lbeautiful-15767_640et us get back to our discussion of emergency contraception.  The research on emergency contraception began in the 1960s, and the first treatment protocols arrived in 1974.

…..The two most common protocols are the progesterone only pill (Plan B) and the estrogen and progesterone pills.  Plan B consists of only one pill, and the second regime of estrogen and progesterone is a two-dose treatment 12 hours apart.  Both of these treatments are available over-the-counter for women 17 or older.  For women under 17, a prescription is necessary.

…..There is no clear reason for how the emergency contraception works.  A few explanations have been promulgated:

  • Inhibition or delay of ovulation
  • Interference with sperm transport or penetration of the egg
  • Thickening of cervical mucous
  • Impairment of ovarian hormone production

…..Remember that emergency contraception is effective only before a pregnancy has occurred.  If a pregnancy has already been established, studies have shown that the emergency contraception does not harm the developing fetus nor increase risks to the ongoing pregnancy.

…..To be continued!!!!!!

-Dr. P






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