Herpes Information Simplified

…..Welcome to my new blog!  I will try to bring you women’s health news in clear, straightforward language that hopefully will make you better informed.

…..A few times a week a new case of genital herpes presents to my office, and the patient always experiences great psychological and physical pain and stress.  The classic presentation of HSV (herpes simplex virus) is a painful group of vesicles and ulcers.

…..The infections are classified as primary, non-primary first episode, or recurrent.  The primary infection is the most painful and may be associated with tender lymph nodes as well as a fever and body aches.  If not treated, these primary lesions can last 2 to 6 weeks.  Recurrences vary in their frequency; however, 50% of patients will have one within 6 months.  These recurrences are generally milder with fewer lesions and a much shorter course.

…..At our next visit, we will review the different subtypes of HSV and the current treatments.  Until then, remember to wear sunblock daily to protect yourself from the damaging sun.

-Dr. P




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